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In close cooperation with our customers, we offer all services for conception, development and design handover to production, turnkey or on site. And we are certified according to ISO 13485:2016. We work in close cooperation with authorities and customers to achieve maximum benefit. Software systems for medical devices and life sciences applications - that's what we do every day!

Do you know our Lab OS®?

Lab OS offers the solution for your sample management, safe, developed according to ISO 13485 and compliant with all necessary international regulations!

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Do you develop software and want to participate in exciting developments in a small team? Then send us your unsolicited application!

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We plan and implement high-quality software solutions for your product and devices or internal processes!

We have been working with many of our customers for many years. They appreciate the trustworthy cooperation with us when it comes to reliable, on-schedule and quality-assured support work.

We turn your idea into a finished software system product!


Together with you, we design the solution for your app, desktop solution, web or Cloaud application, from the simple single application to complex systems.


Our developers implement system concepts, from turn-key projects or OEM developments to join-your-team. Many variations of cooperation are possible.


Over many years of project experience in the field of medicine and LifeSciences products, we have acquired a wealth of experience and established effective processes.

Why choose us

The human factor

We have managed many own or external projects, were part of project teams and can empathize with the success-relevant human factor in the project and deal with this factor in an appreciative way. The communication and cooperation of people is crucial for the success of a project! We are in steady contact to a communication coach to avoid pitfalls

Experienced AI Company

Since several years soventec has implemented data driven projects based on standardized libraries and programming languages

Medical certification ISO 13485

Since 2010 we are certified according to ISO 13485. You can rely on development and documentation quality and integrate us into the process as a reliable supplier for medical device development.

Long experience

soventec has many years of experience in the conception and development of complex systems. We know the pitfalls in development and project management, which cannot occur according to definition, but occur nevertheless.

Accelerate your development

Small teams offer high productivity and flexibility because the communication channels are short, responsibilities clear and the exchange of experience effective. As a customer, you know exactly who you are talking to!

Iterative development - value oriented

We are convinced that complex solutions can only be implemented iteratively with agile methods in a way that really creates value and benefits. How many large systems are planned "on the green table", implemented and finally disappeared in the drawer. We avoid this with our methodical approaches!

Transition projects

Your product has been established for years, but new environmental requirements such as newer operating systems or changing market situations force you to adapt your system. We have good experience with legacy technologies and transition projects to bring your system step by step into the future.

Technologies and Methods


Systems for everyday office and laboratory use

Mobile and IoT

Cross-platform or Native

Web Applications

System Development


Wherever sensible and adaptable to your processes

Medical approvals

We are certified according to ISO 13485 and can provide you with the technical documentation within the scope of all relevant attached standards ISO 14971, IEC 62304 and IEC 62366 if you wish or if your product requires it.

Artificial Intelligence AI

soventec has several years of experience in the implementation of projects that use artificial intelligence (AI) methods. One core competence is the processing of sensor data. soventec is continuously building its own AI platform on this: AIcebirdTM.


You have a well running product that was implemented with legacy technologies and want to transfer it into the future? We have already implemented several of these projects, both in a leading role and in a directly implementing role

Research Projects

INTAKT - Innovation initiative for active microimplants


soventec software is contained in many customer products as components, without this being recognizable as such. The range extends from administrative units, web components to hardware drivers and small embedded applications. Here only a small selection...

Let us create Value together!

Use our experience and competence for your development projects! Any more questions? Definitely. Contact us and let us set sail together!

Some of our customers and partners

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