soventec is a project partner in the BMBF project HUMIT (human-centered support of incremental-interactive data integration using the example of high-throughput processes in the life sciences) as part of the Federal Government's Big Data initiative. Together with the Fraunhofer IME ScreeningPort partner, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT and the DZNE (German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases), concepts and systems are being developed to identify new drug candidates for the pharmaceutical industry. So far, HUMIT is the only big data project in the field of life sciences.

Today's drug discovery is generating a rapidly and steadily increasing amount of data that includes previously unused opportunities for drug candidates. A big data approach should help to link the large number of heterogeneous data sources with public reference libraries. Through targeted data reduction, the project team aims to identify previously undiscovered "hits". It's also about bringing together two great potentials and optimally using them: enormous computing power and human intuition. Therefore, the users of big-data systems should give ratings about data quality or analysis paths. Because humans are able to intuitively assess complex relationships better than computer systems and thus support the analysis process via partially self-learning algorithms. The overall goal of HUMIT: to better understand the effects and side effects of substances in order to better treat complex diseases.

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