Corporate Culture

Simplicity is the key to success

"Perfection is not achieved by not being able to add anything, but by not being able to take anything away", Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

People are the core of a company

The name "Rules of the garage" comes from David Packard Garage in Palo Alto, where Packard and Bill Hewlett founded their first company, HP-Hewlett Packard. HP's management set itself these management principles. Without wanting to "write off" these principles, we found them very suitable for us.

"Rules of the garage."

  • Believe you can change the world.
  • Work quickly, keep the tools unlocked, work whenever.
  • Know when to work alone and when to work together.
  • Share - tools, ideas. Trust your colleagues.
  • No politics. No bureaucracy. (These are ridiculous in a garage.)
  • The customer defines a job well done. Radical ideas are not bad ideas.
    Invent different ways of working.
  • Make a contribution every day. If it doesn't contribute, it doesn't leave the garage.
  • Believe that together we can do anything.
  • Invent.

Team spirit is the basis for visionary ideas

Rigid structures restrict imagination and creativity. This is the reason why we encourage flat hierarchies and cooperative interaction among our employees. This allows them to remain flexible in their working methods and their ability to adapt to new requirements at any time.

A collegial working environment is the basis for innovative and visionary solutions that remain concrete and tangible at the same time.